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Even if your building has sensors installed, you need to know how to handle the information received. With qlair, you can offer a better value to your customers through actionable data and clear communication between sensors, building managers and tenants.

qlair offers...

Pollutant Visualization

HVAC Monitoring

HVAC Automatic Adjustment

Demand Driven Ventilation

HVAC Maintenance

Air Quality Adjustment

Filter Ordering

Filter Selection

...and much more.

qlair provides report-ready data.

From “green building certification” onsite assessments, operation schedules, and documentation requirements, qlair provides automated data that makes reporting easy.  Now you’re only one click away from having a full report of air quality inside your building.

With qlair's analytics, your clients' facilities will have best air quality in town.

Clean, energy efficient buildings are the future. Your building probably has a program for saving energy by improving your power and water bills. Why not offer smart, efficient air ventilation as well?

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