Healthcare Facilities

Protect patients, staff, & visitors with clean air.

Use real-time monitoring to track air quality health and HVAC system performance.

IAQ & Filter Monitoring for Healthcare

Occupant Experience

Improve indoor air quality by tracking and resolving IAQ issues as they arise.

Virus Transmission

Reduce the risk of virus transmission through the air by controlling priority IAQ parameters.

HVAC Performance

Maximize ventilation and air filtration performance with data-support solutions & strategies.

Operations & Energy

Save on air filtration investment & maintenance, reduce energy costs associated with ventilation.

Maintain healthy air requirements.

Track key indoor particles, chemicals, and gasses to identify critically polluted areas that affect patient and staff health.

  • Continuous monitoring and real-time reporting on 6 critical IAQ parameters.
  • Track air quality changes over time and reduce indoor air pollution in the spaces that need it most.
  • Achieve clean room and negative pressure room requirements with data.

Optimize ventilation & air filtration.

Pair HVAC performance and indoor air quality data to ensure your facility delivers clean air at the lowest operational costs.

  • Reduce air filtration investment with an optimized replacement schedule that saves time, money, and energy.
  • Utilize IAQ data to assess the true performance of ventilation and air cleaning strategies.
  • Monitor filter life cycle from anywhere on web and mobile.
Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Protect indoor spaces from outdoor construction.

Collect outdoor air quality and indoor air quality data to ensure measures are taken to reduce pollution exposure.

  • Take measures to reduce the effect of outdoor air pollution on indoor health.
  • Log data requirements in-app or web system for long-term projects.
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“Air quality is important to us because students and athletes perform at the highest levels in our facilities.  Qlair gives us the data we need to ensure our efforts create the healthiest facilities possible for those students and athletes.“

Rich Mylin
Director of Recreation, UCSD

“qlair provided us with real time data for us to manage our air quality. This data was invaluable as we are making strategic decisions daily regarding classroom occupancy and operations during COVID-19.“

Dr. John Hauser
President, Gaston College

“The qlair Indoor Air Quality Monitor allows us to save additional costs while ensuring HVAC performance provides healthy IAQ. The reporting feature has been important in helping us to fine tune our IAQ."

Mack Barnhardt
Vice President, AFS
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