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qlair helps casinos use indoor air quality data and analytics to improve customer satisfaction, support a healthier enviornment, and reduce energy waste.

Air Quality Data at Your Fingertips

It is to no surprise that casinos require massive amounts of energy to operate their 24-hour lighting, gaming machines, and extensive ventilation systems. The easiest way to picture this figure is to think of Las Vegas. There are exactly 104 casinos within its 83-mile area that account for 20% of the city’s total energy expenditure each year. 

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Save Thousands


With qlair, we help you save thousands per year in energy for casinos by tracking air ventilization activity based on occupation, not set schedules or manual operation.

Longer Stay Time


A study at Berkeley National Laboratory poor air quality can reduce concentration levels and productivity by about 10%. With data-driven air quality monitoring we assure that your guests are enjoying their experience to their full capacity and not leaving due to bad air conditions.

Balanced Air


With qlair, find the perfect air balancing for your facilities, by using less ventilation during low occupancy, and increasing the air conditioning when more guests are in the building. We provide retrofit solutions to keep your air clean and give you daily reports on the quality throughout your building.

Real TripAdvisor Review

“I understand that this is a casino and people smoke but much better air filtration is needed for the volume of smoke generated. As an expert in the industry if indoor air quality I know the technology is available.”

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