Eliminate the harsh smell of chemicals that flood hospital hallways and healthcare facilities. At qlair, we go beyond pumping fresh air into your buildings, and eliminate the problems by using monitors to find the root cause of the smell, and a variety of hardware solutions to clear the air at the source.



Often, instead of looking for the root cause of the issue in a healthcare facility, people will simply replace filters and stick additional air quality monitors around the offices. qlair spends time determining the source of the pollutants, VOCs, and chemicals, and eliminating the problem through aggregating data and finding out the optimum way to improve air quality.

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Studies have recently shown that companies lose millions per year due to a 3% productivity decrease from poor quality air. For example, if your company has 1,000 employees, you will on average lose about $1,870,110 per year, due to sick days from poor air quality spreading diseases.

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