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qlair Takes Predictive Analytics to Next Level with Launch of New Clean Air Management Portal

Actionable insights and air quality assessment tools to help customers address HVAC system issues and improve safety against airborne pathogen transmission. 

RALEIGH, NC, February 16, 2022 – qlair, a leader in intelligent clean air management, launched a new platform putting indoor air quality (IAQ) and HVAC maintenance management of commercial facilities, including hospitals, schools and commercial buildings, easier and more accurate for facility managers and commercial real estate service providers. Beta tested last month in several office buildings, college campuses and large property management providers, customer feedback is highly positive and user engagement already more than doubled on the platform since the updated reporting tools and web portal have been released just a few weeks ago.

The new platform allows for remote monitoring of an unlimited number of buildings giving users the ability to see IAQ, portable air purifiers and HVAC filter data from an overview level of all buildings within an account to a granular room-by room level. qlair has taken facility maintenance and management a step further than simple alerts. By using AI to assess data and historic trends, the software provides users with actionable insights to better guide them on how to correct potential issues. The platform includes a Building Performance Score* — an aggregate calculated from individual scores* for Asthma, COVID Risk, Productivity and Air Cost — to help facility managers achieve operational, environmental and sustainability goals in one click. (* patents pending)

Other features include customizable views and dashboards, expandable views of any given time period directly within the graphs for deep-dive analytics, filter life predictions and pressure load to improve maintenance planning, and integrated reporting. Mike Shanahan, Product Development Director, commented, “qlair is changing how users interact with their building’s air quality. Instead of just seeing raw measurements that give you an idea, qlair is putting the whole picture together, analyzing the data, and giving you remediation solutions all at once.

qlair CEO Ellie Amirnasr added, “Clean air management goes beyond indoor air quality monitoring. It has interdisciplinary impacts on operational, environmental, and sustainability KPIs in commercial real estate management. The qlair platform reduces the effort for data analysis, reporting, and decision making by more than 50% while saving up to 15% in operational costs.”


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Important Update: Changes to qlair

We want to inform you about some important changes to qlair. To better serve our customers, MANN+HUMMEL is making organizational changes. Consequently, we will be sunsetting our qlair website and will no longer actively promote the qlair Clean Air Management Platform.

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