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Turn real-time indoor air quality data into action for cleaner, safer environments that thrive.

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Clean Air Service Platform

Assess, improve and manage all the aspects that affect the health and safety of your indoor air quality. From monitoring the air you breathe, to the filters in your HVAC system.

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Unparalleled visibility with actionable insights.

Detect, analyze and resolve expensive or potentially dangerous anomalies. Optimize energy management and maintenance plans.

Air Quality Monitoring

Track harmful indoor pollutants that affect human health & operations.

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Filter Life Cycle Monitoring

Gain complete clarity on your HVAC system’s operating conditions

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New: COVID-19 Airborne Infection Risk Score

Tackle indoor air quality with research-backed solutions.

Indoor air quality is the latest buzz, but where to start? Navigate industry guidelines for building health with data-backed solutions.

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Choose the right clean air solutions for your building


Provide students and staff with healthy classrooms, labs, and recreational facilities.


Reduce hospital-acquired infections and maintain safe air for patients, staff and visitors.


Offer a next-level workplace experience for occupant wellbeing and performance - while increasing efficiency.


Go the extra mile for your guests while improving the overall indoor experience in your building.

Case Studies

Understand the Benefits of Indoor Air Quality

Case Study

Is Bipolar Ionization Effective?

Clean air systems have become the talk of the town – but are they effective? The qlair team recently ran an experiment to test whether Bipolar Ionization was truly effective in cleaning the air. The results speak for themselves.

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