We AIM for Clean Air

Assessment. Improvement. Management

qlair is the leading platform for proactive clean air management in commercial buildings using Artificial Intelligent (AI) based technology. With qlair, enjoy proactive clean air products by eliminating the need for constant check ups of all sensors and hardware. With our simple steps, you can asses your facility’s needs, improve the environment and manage air quality for less.

Data Visualization

The billions of data generated by air quality sensors are translated into actionable insights for autonomous adjustment.

Forecast Air Pollution

Up to 8 hours prediction of the indoor air quality will allow the purification system to perform proactively.

Event Recognition

Recognizes the pollution patterns and supports demand-driven ventilation and building management optimization.

Here's how we AIM for Clean Air...

Advanced Sensor Data for Your Clients
See and understand your data air quality in order to monitor and take action.
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Building Management Solutions
Have the right tools you need to optimize your environment.
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Lean Management is the Future
Proactively adjust your purification system to ensure clean air with minimal effort.
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Connect with your BMS system

No need for additional applications or services, qlair can be added to your existing Building Management System with ease.

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