Building Reopening Post COVID-19 Guidelines

The global pandemic has led to a drastic shift in the way we perceive our buildings’ health and safety. Now, buildings are tasked with devising a plan to reopen in a clean, safe, and intelligent matter. At qlair, we’re here to help.


Simplifying Clean Air Management

Buildings require clean indoor air for both operating efficiency and occupant health and safety. We use continuous indoor air quality monitoring and filter life cycle detection to provide continuous clean air. Doing so improves occupant performance, reduces operating costs, and increases energy efficiency for your building.


Ventilation Optimization

We select a ventilation schedule that ensures efficient HVAC performance. Utilizing occupancy-based scheduling has shown to reduce energy costs by the thousands.

Continuous Clean Air

Qlair delivers continuously optimized indoor air at the lowest possible operating and material costs. Proper indoor air quality promotes health, productivity, and comfort.

Energy Savings

Save your facilities thousands on energy costs in your first year alone. With our continuous monitoring and ventilation optimization, we strive to routinely reduce energy expenditure.

Tenant Satisfaction

Did you know that poor indoor air quality could reduce tenant performance by up to 10%? Provide your building's inhabitants a safe, comfortable environment with qlair.

Cost Reduction

Our filter load detection monitoring has been proven to produce  a 15% reduction in the labor and material costs associated with HVAC maintenance.

Green Initiatives

Are green initiatives something to your company and tenants? We provide the necessary criteria to show that your building is environmentally conscious.

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Increase student, staff performance and save big on energy each year.

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Provide the best experience possible for your guests with qlair.

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Use ventilation optimization to reduce operating costs.

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Improve tenant health & safety, reduce facility costs.


20 Facility Management Strategies to Reduce Operating Costs

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