Clean Air Service Platform

Balance safety, comfort, and efficiency with powerful IAQ and HVAC insights.

Equip your building, empower your teams, and delight your occupants with an all-in-one air quality and filter lifecycle monitoring system.

Discover a New Way to Manage Indoor Health


Leverage highly accurate sensors to collect continuous air quality and HVAC data, uncovering trends and critical areas.


Improve air quality and HVAC
maintenance with data-supported solutions recommended by experts.


Ensure new air quality solutions are effective and manage new problems proactively.

Track Air Quality Changes Indoors and Outside

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Assess the health and safety of your indoor spaces by monitoring dangerous indoor pollutants, fresh air levels, and airborne transmission risk.

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Filter Life Cycle Monitoring

Reach peak HVAC operating efficiency and ensure clean air by monitoring your filters’ performance and remaining useful life.

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Make Improvements in Real-Time from Mobile

Indoor Air Quality Management

  • Track trends in air quality data based on time, location and
  • Identify areas in your facility with potentially dangerous air
    quality or inefficient ventilation.
  • Receive notifications when critical events take place, with
    actionable steps to resolve them.

HVAC Maintenance Management

  • Manage all your HVAC information in one centralized location.
  • Monitor active filter installations and easily view remaining useful life and performance.
  • Get alerted when filters need to be replaced or an anomaly has occurred.

Discover Data-Driven Air Quality and Maintenance

  • Performance Dashboard
  • Custom Reporting
  • Real-Time Alerts

Performance Dashboard

Track trends over time to identify when, where and why indoor air quality problems arise.

  • Monitor and manage multiple buildings and indoor spaces across your facilities.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly views to track changes in indoor pollutant levels, temperature and humidity.
  • Access outdoor air quality, indoor air quality, and HVAC performance data from the web.

Custom Reporting

Generate custom reports based on time, location and more to see the data that matters to you.

  • Receive custom recommendations based on your buildings’ unique air quality needs.
  • Share progress with management and stakeholders to
    provide evidence of improvement.
  • Tackle healthy building certifications by tracking the
    parameters that matter.

Real-Time Alerts

Get notified of air quality issues and HVAC faults in real-time to avoid costly or potentially dangerous events.

Get alerts for:

  • Indoor pollutant thresholds
  • Mold growth risk
  • Filter replacement
  • Poor filter sealing or blowout
  • And custom metrics

Create a Measurably Better Built Environment

Do your problems originate within a space or your HVAC system? Use real-time data to point you to the answer.

Proactive Maintenance

Reduce operating costs associated with labor and material using a
proactive approach.

Ventilation Scheduling

Find the right, data-driven ventilation schedule to promote healthy spaces and energy efficiency.

Air Purification

Introduce the most effective air
purification solutions & strategies for your unique situation.

Healthy Buildings

Tackle modern building initiatives that create a cleaner, greener and more
productive space.

Filtration Improvement

Choose the right filters for your
building’s HVAC system setup and fresh air needs.

Energy Optimization

Increase energy efficiency by reducing ventilation when possible or increasing filter efficiency when cost effective.

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