Filter Life Cycle Monitoring

Skip the roof with real-time filter data from anywhere.

Improve the efficiency of your HVAC service plan and reduce your total cost of ownership.

Optimize HVAC performance and total cost of ownership

Equip priority air handling units with accurate pressure monitors to track filter load and remaining useful life. Optimize service based on labor, material and energy usage.

Sensor Specifications

Take the guesswork out of HVAC filter maintenance.

Get a holistic view of filter performance across your buildings and units. See real-time data on your filter status.

Manage HVAC information from an easy-to-use app

Organize your maintenance routines by storing all your HVAC details in one centralized location.

Get the most out of your filters and HVAC service

Create a data-driven filter replacement schedule. Say goodbye to time-based or arbitrary filter replacement schedules. Ensure your filters reach their terminal pressure before replacing

Select the right filters for your HVAC set up and fresh air needs.

Receive data-backed guidance on what filters to use based on your unique system and indoor spaces. Reduce the risk of airborne disease transmission by balancing air quality and filter performance.

Reduce costs associated with filter purchasing and service.

Extend the life of your filters as far as possible while maintaining proper performance. Reduce service requirements and unnecessary purchasing.

Ensure filters are performing to deliver clean air

Detect anomalies like filter blowout or poor sealing. Get notified when something has gone wrong in your system with steps to resolve the problem at hand.

Adjust filter replacement schedules based on outdoor air quality.

Increase filter changes when needed – like during pollen or wildfire season, reduce them when filters load up slower.

Take steps to improve air quality when filtration can’t be improved.

Receive expert recommendations on how to ensure clean air when filtration can not be increased.

Receive ongoing support and improve operational efficiency

Receive in-depth monthly reports that give you a snapshot of your building’s trends to stay on track, and get help with expert recommendations.

Calculate Return on Investment

Find out how much you’re saving by changing your filters based on data, not condition-based maintenance.

Ensure you’re providing clean air.

Use accurate, real-time data to prove that new filtration efforts are effective.

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“Air quality is important to us because students and athletes perform at the highest levels in our facilities.  Qlair gives us the data we need to ensure our efforts create the healthiest facilities possible for those students and athletes.“

Rich Mylin
Director of Recreation, UCSD

“qlair provided us with real time data for us to manage our air quality. This data was invaluable as we are making strategic decisions daily regarding classroom occupancy and operations during COVID-19.“

Dr. John Hauser
President, Gaston College

“The qlair Indoor Air Quality Monitor allows us to save additional costs while ensuring HVAC performance provides healthy IAQ. The reporting feature has been important in helping us to fine tune our IAQ."

Mack Barnhardt
Vice President, AFS
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