Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Highly accurate sensors meet powerfully simple software

Create a healthier school, office or healthcare facility with an IAQ monitoring system that turns data into insights that make sense.

Reopen your facilities with confidence and clean air

  • Meet ventilation and air filtration guidelines set forth by ASHRAE, the CDC, and the WHO.
  • Reduce the risk of airborne virus transmission by tracking critical air quality parameters like CO2 and PM2.5.
  • Get matched with the most effective air quality solutions based on your unique data.

Get the air quality data you need in real-time

Equip priority indoor spaces with RESET-certified air quality monitors that detect levels of carbon dioxide, particulate matter, relative humidity, and volatile organic compounds

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Track the air quality parameters critical to occupant health.

Assess the safety of your indoor spaces by tracking harmful indoor air pollutants and conditions that increase airborne disease transmission.

Integrate qlair analytics into your existing BMS or Cloud-Based System.

Use your existing building management solutions to pull in vital indoor air quality data for occupant health and operating efficiency

Identify unsafe areas in your facility from mobile

Equip your facilities or service team so they don’t wait until an occupant is affected or a potentially dangerous anomaly takes place. Empower your teams to proactively address air quality issues.

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Gather data based on time, location and occupancy

Get a complete overview of your indoor air quality as it
pertains to various spaces, times of day, and occupancy levels. Monitor trends overtime based on building activities.

Receive real-time alerts to your smartphone

Get notified when air quality reaches unsafe levels, with
actionable steps to resolve the problem at hand.

Get matched with effective IAQ solutions

Understand your unique needs before purchasing costly clean air systems. Cut through the noise on indoor air quality solutions by making your decisions based on data and expert guidance, not sales pitches.

Tackle industry guidelines and best practices with confidence.

Ensure your building is meeting the standards set forth by ASHRAE, the CDC and the WHO. Introduce only proven air quality solutions and strategies.

Reduce the risk of airborne disease transmission.

Get matched with research-backed strategies and air quality systems to create a resilient indoor environment.

Discover a dashboard that delivers insights, not questions

Monitor building performance over time to achieve your health and sustainability goals. Receive in-depth monthly reports that give you a snapshot of your building’s trends with expert recommendations.

Ensure your efforts are paying off.

Use accurate, real-time data to prove that new strategies and solutions are cleaning the air like they said they would.

Provide continuous clean air at lowest operating costs.

Stay on budget by only addressing the areas in your buildings that require attention. Save on unnecessary air quality solutions.

What's the word on qlair?

See what customers have to say about qlair

“Air quality is important to us because students and athletes perform at the highest levels in our facilities.  Qlair gives us the data we need to ensure our efforts create the healthiest facilities possible for those students and athletes.“

Rich Mylin
Director of Recreation, UCSD

“qlair provided us with real time data for us to manage our air quality. This data was invaluable as we are making strategic decisions daily regarding classroom occupancy and operations during COVID-19.“

Dr. John Hauser
President, Gaston College

“The qlair Indoor Air Quality Monitor allows us to save additional costs while ensuring HVAC performance provides healthy IAQ. The reporting feature has been important in helping us to fine tune our IAQ."

Mack Barnhardt
Vice President, AFS
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