Maximizing HVAC Performance For Facilities Management Companies

Supercharge your HVAC services and provide clean air to occupants with qlair’s clean air management system leveraging best-in-class filter monitoring.


Facilities management firms and their clients’ leadership teams benefit from lower costs and better energy efficiency.

Facility Managers

Facility managers can tackle their day-to-day tasks with the help of data - making their jobs easier and processes more effective.


Building owners and their occupants receive clean air at all times, with peace of mind that their space is safe and comfortable.

Make facility management easier & more effective with remote monitoring

HVAC management doesn’t have to mean guessing games and hours of manual labor. Measure the efficiency of your filters as air flows from outside to the indoors to make sure they’re always working to improve the air. Leverage best-in-class IAQ sensors to prove the efficacy of your air cleaning by measuring the levels of air pollution indoors.

How Clean Air Management for Facilities Services Works

Filter Monitoring

Predictive Maintenance starts with the HVAC system. Install best-in-class IoT sensors that measure the efficiency of your filters so you know exactly when they need to be changed:

Dashboards & Reporting

Our platform includes Asset Management for Facility Managers and Building Operators, tracking all HVAC units in one centralized command center:


Integrate qlair analytics into your existing cloud-based systems so that you can have one, completely-connected source of truth.

Increase Asset Life

Accurate, continuous data is required to ensure asset longevity and stay ahead of problems as they arise. Collect real-time data and retain historical data for all of your HVAC maintenance and filter replacements.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Use data to make decisions on how to optimize your HVAC system to balance replacement costs, sustainability, and labor. Reduce your HVAC's total cost of ownership in a calculated manner.

Drive Sustainability & Energy Savings

Keep track of progress on new initiatives and provide proof of your improvements. Find new ways to increase operational efficiency without blowing your budget or sustainability goals.

Future-Proof Your HVAC Management Today

Hardware Installation

Install the qlair Filter Monitoring system throughout the AHUs of your client facilities. These sensors monitor filter pressure drop to help you identify the most optimal time to replace.

Data Collection

View historical and real-time data on your web dashboard and mobile app. Get alerted before filters have reached the end of their useful life.

Process Improvements

Manage all of your site HVAC assets from a centralized location. Report on progress and drive down your HVAC's total cost of ownership.

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