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Smart Building Solutions

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Contractors & Consultants

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Add remote monitoring, data and insights to your toolbox

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

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Filter Life Cycle Monitoring

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Clean Air Service Platform

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HVAC Service Companies

Provide data-driven HVAC services that increase customer and contract value.

Our monitoring solutions allow you to meet market demand, streamline operations, and position yourself as a cut above.

Best-In-Class Sensors

Indoor air quality and filter life cycle monitoring provide vital data to help steer your HVAC service plans and customer

Dashboards, Reporting and Insights

Keep management, service teams, and customers in the know with unparalleled access to data and metrics.

Smart Building Technology

Add air quality and HVAC data for a holistic smart building solution.

Create end-to-end building management solutions by accessing and presenting valuable data on indoor air and HVAC operations.

Integrate qlair analytics into existing BMS or Cloud-Based System

qlair data and analytics can be integrated into existing
software solutions for custom dashboards, data visualization, and metrics.

A new level of clarity into building operations and health

Pull together all the data surrounding building operations to get a snapshot of what needs to be improved.

Facilities Service

Provide a comprehensive suite of healthy building solutions and services.

Ventilation, air filtration and indoor air quality is top of mind for building occupants – ensure your services provide safe, clean air.

Equip your facilities service teams

Track service requirements across your locations and see
real-time data on problem areas and ongoing projects.

Delight management and occupants

Provide healthy indoor spaces that promote productivity, reduce disease transmission, and improve energy efficiency

Contractors and Consultants

For those with sustainability, hygiene and energy efficiency in mind.

Consultants and contractors leverage indoor air quality and HVAC monitoring to hit client goals and keep them on track.

Healthy Building Certifications

Our sensors are RESET-certified and provide the data needed to tackle modern building certifications like WELL and LEED.

Energy Management Projects

Monitor and manage energy usage with indoor air quality and HVAC data to drive down costs where possible.

What's the word on qlair?

See what customers have to say about qlair

“Air quality is important to us because students and athletes perform at the highest levels in our facilities.  Qlair gives us the data we need to ensure our efforts create the healthiest facilities possible for those students and athletes.“

Rich Mylin
Director of Recreation, UCSD

“qlair provided us with real time data for us to manage our air quality. This data was invaluable as we are making strategic decisions daily regarding classroom occupancy and operations during COVID-19.“

Dr. John Hauser
President, Gaston College

“The qlair Indoor Air Quality Monitor allows us to save additional costs while ensuring HVAC performance provides healthy IAQ. The reporting feature has been important in helping us to fine tune our IAQ."

Mack Barnhardt
Vice President, AFS
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