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Different buildings have different challenges – address your most pressing ones with qlair.

Clean air benefits buildings of all types.


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Improve and maintain building health & efficiency.

Building Assessment

Establish a healthy baseline for your air quality over time with monitoring.

Problem Identification

Pinpoint critical areas in your facility with evidence to back it up.

Solution Selection

Get matched with the most effective solutions for your situation.

Efficacy Testing

Ensure your efforts are paying off with ongoing support and insights.

K-12 and Higher Education

Protect students and staff in the era of healthy buildings.

  • Identify critically polluted areas that inhibit student and staff wellbeing
  • Ensure proper ventilation and air filtration to reduce disease transmission
  • Monitor risk of mold outbreaks and track conditions for asthma attacks
  • Increase energy efficiency and tackle sustainability goals
  • Prioritize high-activity spaces like gyms and other recreational facilities

Healthcare Facilities

Ensure your indoor air quality is safe for patients and workers.

  • Monitor particulate levels, chemical concentrations, and more.
  • Ensure clean air systems are providing safe air effectively.
  • Reduce operating costs, optimize ventilation scheduling, and improve HVAC maintenance
  • Prevent hospital-acquired airborne illness using IAQ data
  • Use air quality and filter data to provide clean air at lower costs.

Commercial Buildings

Create a next-level experience for your office or other workplace.

  • Welcome staff and occupants back to the office with confidence.
  • Improve worker productivity, wellbeing and overall comfort.
  • Reduce operating costs, optimize ventilation scheduling, and improve maintenance
  • Reduce the risk of airborne disease transmission
  • Prioritize high-occupancy areas like meeting and conference rooms.

Hospitality and Casinos

Address guest concerns proactively and position your resort a cut above.

  • Ensure nonsmoking and smoking areas are kept separate.
  • Let guests know you care with healthy indoor air quality and data to back it up
  • Monitor problem areas and address them before they affect occupants
  • Reduce the risk of exposure to airborne diseases with proactive management
What's the word on qlair?

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“Air quality is important to us because students and athletes perform at the highest levels in our facilities.  Qlair gives us the data we need to ensure our efforts create the healthiest facilities possible for those students and athletes.“

Rich Mylin
Director of Recreation, UCSD

“qlair provided us with real time data for us to manage our air quality. This data was invaluable as we are making strategic decisions daily regarding classroom occupancy and operations during COVID-19.“

Dr. John Hauser
President, Gaston College

“The qlair Indoor Air Quality Monitor allows us to save additional costs while ensuring HVAC performance provides healthy IAQ. The reporting feature has been important in helping us to fine tune our IAQ."

Mack Barnhardt
Vice President, AFS
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