End-to-end clean air management for hospitals

Provide your hospital with healthy, clean air while driving down your HVAC operational costs and tackling energy and sustainability initiatives.


Control the air quality in patient rooms to reduce disease transmission and increase safety.


Help medical staff perform at their best with healthy air quality and optimal CO2 levels that promote productivity.


Provide data transparency so leadership teams can identify improvements and benchmarks, and tackle initiatives like cost savings and sustainability.

qlair helps hospitals provide clean air at the lowest possible costs

Hospitals have dozens of HVAC units with hundreds of filters across their buildings - leading to high costs for purchasing, maintenance, and replacement. With continuous HVAC and IAQ monitoring, you can pick the most efficient filtration setup for your building and prove it works to clean the air with real-time air quality data.

How Clean Air Management for Hospitals Works

Filter Monitoring

Predictive Maintenance starts with the HVAC system. Install best-in-class IoT sensors that measure the efficiency of your filters so you know exactly when they need to be changed:

Air Quality Monitoring

Ensure that your filters are performing to clean the air by installing hospital IAQ sensors in select rooms that are supplied air from your HVAC units. Track key pollutants like:

Our proprietary algorithms further translate raw air quality and filter data into health-relevant building performance metrics.

Dashboards & Reporting

Our platform includes Asset Management for Facility Managers and Building Operators, tracking all HVAC units in one centralized command center:

Optimize annual filter expenses and replacement schedules

Facility management teams can reduce their annual filter costs by using data to only change them at the end of their useful life. Get the most out of your filters while still ensuring that the air quality is healthy indoors.

Ensure your filtration results in healthy indoor air quality

Hospital EHS teams and engineers are under scrutiny by regulatory agencies to provide healthy IAQ. Use real-time and historical air quality data to prove that your filters are working effectively to clean the air.

Enable stakeholders to achieve clean air management goals

Future-proof your facility by focusing on energy savings, decarbonization, and operating efficiency. Use qlair’s proprietary building performance metrics to track and report on progress.

Replace Filters At The Right Time

Reduce annual filter expense with a data-driven filter replacement schedule that promotes the most optimum change out date.

Keep Patients & Staff Safe

Help medical staff perform at their best and reduce hospital-acquired infections by providing all your occupants with clean air.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Have the right reporting from facility managers all the way up to executives in order to make decisions that make an impact.

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