Digitize Your Paint Booth Management Operations

Maintaining your paint booth can be complex between staying compliant and ensuring you’re delivering on quality. qlair’s filter monitoring adds a new level of operating efficiency with reduced manual effort and more transparency in your operations.

Quality Control

Obtain first time quality and reduce production downtime by ensuring that air pollutants are not causing defects during your painting process.


Meet regulations by always having the data you need on hand to catch mistakes, make corrections, and improve the health and performance of all of your paint booths.

Data Transparency

Get visibility into the operations of all the paint booths across your organization. See real-time, accurate data on the performance of their air filters to drive transparency.

Make The Move From Manual to Digital

Produce better outcomes with paint booth filter monitoring

Paint booths can be prone to over-spray, defects, and operational inefficiencies when filters aren’t properly maintained. With filter monitoring, you get complete visibility into the status and performance of your filters across all of your paint booths. This allows you to reduce the manual effort required to log and report on your filtration data.

How it Works

Install IoT Sensors

Create customized dashboards

Optimize Reporting Process

How it helps paint booth managers save time & effort

Imagine all of your paint booth data in one place - filter information, maintenance tasks, upcoming filter replacements, and more. qlair helps your paint booth manager run their shop at peak performance with everything they need to make data-driven decisions.

Help your environmental health & safety team stay compliant

EHS directors and their teams are under scrutiny by regulatory agencies to comply with operating standards. Easily log and report important filtration and maintenance data without the manual effort to stay compliant.

Stay ahead of digital transformation with the latest IoT technology

Leverage best-in-class IoT sensors and monitoring software to help your paint booth managers make data-driven decisions, like when to replace filters and how to manage your paint booths better.

Replace Filters On Time

Use data to make sure your paint booths are replacing their filters on time. Ensure first time quality and reduce production downtime.

Control Pollution

Confirm that filters are working correctly to reduce potential pollution from your paint booths. Remain compliant with state and local guidelines.

Keep Detailed Records

Make sure you always have the data you need to report to stakeholders and organizations.

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