Office air quality monitoring for a healthier workplace

Filter and air quality monitoring in offices help you create an environment where occupants can breathe clean and facility management teams can operate efficiently and effectively.

Business Owners

Business owners and executives can make clean air a competitive advantage that keeps the office performing at peak effectiveness.


Help employees cut back on sick days and improve their productivity. Clean air is proven to increase cognition and reduce acute & long-term respiratory disease risk

Building Operators

Your building occupants will thank you for providing their office space with clean, safe air that improves their overall work experience.

Give your staff the gifts of productivity & peace of mind

From your business employees to the facility management staff that operate your building, qlair’s clean air management system ensures everyone can do their job at peak performance.

How Air Quality Monitoring for Offices Works

Air Quality Monitoring

Ensure that your filters are performing to clean the air by installing office IAQ sensors in select rooms that are supplied air from your HVAC units. Track key pollutants like:

Building Health Metrics

Translate raw air quality and filter data into human-relevant, building performance metrics:

Reporting & Insights

Our platform also provides the ability for building owners to improve their occupants' overall experience with ongoing recommendations:

Ensure your filtration results in healthy indoor air quality

Office workers need clean air to perform at their best. Use real-time and historical air quality data to prove that your filters are working effectively to clean the air.

Enable building owners to achieve clean air management goals

Use qlair’s proprietary building performance metrics to track and report on progress towards clean air and better operating efficiency. Improve occupant experience by tackling the issues that impact building health.

The Office Air Quality Action Kit

5 Air Quality Monitors

Full color touchscreen monitors that are easy to install. Works with your existing Wi-Fi network.

Digital Monitoring Platform

From one central dashboard, you can track key air quality parameters, and even outdoor air pollution from any device at any time.

Reporting & Consultation

You’ll have access to the knowledge and experience of IAQ experts and in-depth monthly reports.

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