qlair started with a question

We are scientists, engineers and business developers who specialize in air filtration and come from all over the globe. Inspired by our background experience, qlair as a company stemmed from the questions we wanted answered about how to make the future cleaner and more efficient.

Having worked for the biggest filtration company in the world, our team wanted to know how to separate the useful from the harmful. It’s no secret that there are many harmful particles in the air we breathe. Yet despite the solutions in the market today, no one is yet making the kind of impact on indoor air quality that we believed possible.

"How can we live in the 21st century, knowing about the problem of air quality and still facing the problem of breathing polluted air?"

With this question in mind, we decided to join together to bridge the gap between raw data and automated optimization of clean air management.

Our team is proud to introduce our analytics tool, qlair,  which is the brain behind all clean air management products and services.  Today, our team is located in the US and in Germany, as well as with our trusted partners from around the world.

With qlair's analytics, your clients' facilities will have best air quality in town.

Because we came from all over the world, our team decided to formally launch qlair from the Plug and Play’s Acceleartion program in Silicon Valley. We spent six months working together to build our MVP before expanding our offices globally again.

Contact Us

Phone: +1 919 376 7683
Email: incubators@i-qlair.com