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Use HVAC Partners to Create an End-to-End Solution

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

How HVAC Partners Can Skyrocket Value

Utilizing an HVAC partner, qlair is able use our analytics and monitors to prove the effectiveness of their solutions. We approached Tri-Dim Filter Corporation about a potential partnership because they had it all: a best-in-class product selection, a nationwide sales team that was consistently hitting their numbers, and the name recognition to make them a priority choice for any facility or building owner.

However, they were interested in implementing new technology to enhance the value they provided their buyers.

Tri-Dim was selling filters and the services normally required to maintain a healthy HVAC system. Things like coil cleaning, filter change outs, maintenance when needed, etc. But this is exactly what their competitors were doing, and they knew they would need to add another dimension to their product offering to stay out of the commodity trap.

For many companies in the HVAC industry, there is a lack of data available to prove the effectiveness of the solutions rendered. This can make it tough to illustrate the necessity for the product or service to begin with. This not only makes selling your services harder, but also means your company is leaving business on the table each time a sale is made.


Getting Ahead With Data


hvac partners solution


The truth is, many companies that offer HVAC products or services are missing out on powerful new tech that is also easy to use. They are neglecting to establish HVAC partners that has the potential to:

1) Increase the contract value of new and current customers,

2) add customer touch points that resonate with their target market pain points, and

3) round off their product offering to create an end-to-end solution for their customers.

Technology just like qlair.

Qlair is an indoor air quality management platform. We use sensor data and predictive analytics to ensure your building ventilation system delivers clean air in the most efficient way possible. Improving air quality and cutting energy costs. The process is broken down in 5 steps:

1) Sensor Agnostic Monitoring: We offer a wide range of indoor air quality and filter status sensors to install throughout the facility and air handling units. We then analyze the data that we receive about your building: pollutant concentrations, ventilation rates, filter status and more.

2) Problem Identification: Using the data collected in the monitoring process, we can pinpoint exactly where sources of indoor pollution reside or warn proactively about risks to your buildings health (e.g. mold risk assessment).

3) Mitigation Solution: After the problem is identified, it is time for our team to figure out what solution is most capable of resolving the problem.  (For example: schedule optimization, HVAC filters, ionizers, purifiers, etc.)

4) Solution Effectiveness: Once the proper solution has been selected and administered, we track and analyze its effectiveness, so we can confidently promise your issue has been taken care of.

5) Clean Air as an Asset: Through continuous air monitoring, problem identification, and mitigation solution, we provide you with clean air as an asset.


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Now, what does this mean for your business?

It means you can utilize an HVAC partner agreement to use our analytics and monitors. This will allow you to not only increase the value of your services, but use it as a marketing tool, a customer engagement facilitator, and a way to prove the effectiveness of your solutions.

Remember Tri Dim Filter Corporation, mentioned before?

After agreeing to white label our air quality data and analytics platform to their company, we set them up with their new, customized digital product for their brand.

Here is what we did:

  • Using qlair’s existing analytic features and hardware portfolio, we decided which products and analytic features would truly provide their customers value.
  • We analyzed their sales and service delivery process to ensure consistency and efficiency throughout the journey.
  • Our development team tailored the digital solution and software to fit the customer’s process and needs.
  • Our engineers Included customized features like a data base, a data download option, and API endpoints to integrate with several possible systems.

Now this is a great news for this company, but what about you? Well, if you sell:

  • HVAC Systems or Equipment (fans, coils, filters, sensors etc.)
  • HVAC Services (Air quality measurements, mold remediation, coil cleaning, maintenance etc.)
  • Retrofit Solutions (Coatings, UV light, Ionizations etc.)
  • Other HVAC Products

Then this entire, customizable process can be done for you as well.



We will analyze your company’s product offering, target market, and service fulfillment process, then adapt our industry-leading analytics to create a complete customer experience. We will install custom functionalities so you can better serve your market, and with API connection capabilities, your company can enjoy endless integration possibilities for growth and added features. If you were once a designated “product seller” or “service provider,” you will now enjoy the full scope of advantages that come with being an end-to-end solution provider.

indoor air quality monitoring

Our vision is to enable our partners in the HVAC industry to offer better products, tailored service packages and to move from a reactive maintenance approach to a predictive, demand-driven one – saving resources and creating additional customer value!

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